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  • I'm Going to Songwriting Camp! Or, Shockabuku

    Hey, I forgot to tell you all some fun news: this summer I'll be attending the Island Mountain Arts Songwriting Camp, which happens right before the much-lauded ArtsWells Festival in Wells, BC! Thanks to the good folks at BC Musician Magazine, I'll be there tuition-free, as I was the runner-up in their songwriting contest. (PS congrats to Dave Stanley Daoust, who got the big nod this year!) I'm pretty excited, not least because the one and only Dave Bidini will be leading the camp, and his fabulous Bidiniband will also be there. Plus, rumour has it, many of the brightest lights in the western Canadian songwriting scene seem to congregate at this thing every year. Finally I'm going to see for myself. Yay!

    I've never done a songwriting camp, or even a real workshop before. Not gonna lie: I'm kinda nervous. And by "kinda" I mean "profoundly." But I know this will be good for me, as it is for any artist to push themselves out of their...oh no, here comes a horrible cliche, sorry...comfort zone. I'm a very shy person, and have the usual array of creative-person-insecurities. But I've been feeling stuck, creatively, and I think this turn of events is the Universe's way of jolting me out of it. To quote one of my favourite movies, Gross Pointe Blank, this could be my "shockabuku - a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever."

    Bring it.