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  • Happy Holidays

    Hi, friends. I know I've been pretty quiet lately. Sorry about that. There are some changes afoot in my life right now, which I will write more about in the coming months. In the meantime, I just wanted to say thanks for listening and caring about the music I make, even though I haven't rewarded you with a lot of new examples of it lately.

    Here's a newish one, which I actually wrote and recorded last year, with the help of my friend and drummer, Dale Hitchcox. It's my first-ever Christmas song, written from here on the Canadian west coast, far from my snowy home in Quebec. As you might guess, it falls a little more on the melancholy side of the holiday spectrum, but (I hope) it also contains the little glints of light that belong to this peculiar, beautiful time of year. I wanted to share it again with you all, as a sort of thank-you gift.

    I hope you can stay warm, healthy, and aware of what's lucky about your life, in this season and all year long. 

    Much love,